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I write about all things personal finance, navigating the corporate world, self-improvement, and challenging the status quo. Let’s get to work🤍

High-profile corporate slave by day. Nap-taking, beer-drinking dog mom by night. I’m the laziest overachiever you’ll ever meet.

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Hello there! My name’s Tabitha and I have 0 writing experience. But recently, I started writing on Medium to see what it’s all about. Trust me, I can already tell it’s way more fun than what I do during the day.

A Little About Me?

On the surface, I’m your typical overachieving 20-something with…

…And what happens if you don’t have a village?

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I’m at a point in my life where everyone around me is having babies.

Long-term personal friends, new friends, neighbors, coworkers — literally everyone. It’s uncanny.

At some point down the line, my husband and I would also like to join the club. …

I wish I was making this up.

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Now that I’m in the “big leagues” professionally, I can’t help but think back on certain things I experienced early in my career and laugh.

Working at both small family-owned companies early in my career, and eventually several multi-billion dollar companies more recently in my career, has given me a…

Hint: it could be worse.

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I used to look at people exactly like me and feel a little sad for them.

“I would never want my life to look like that when I’m their age,” I thought.

When I think back to my naive, immature thoughts as a teenager — I had such a warped…

And if they don’t, something is seriously wrong.

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Working at a Fortune 500 company where effectively, everyone is doing very damn well financially makes it hard to stay grounded sometimes.

Although I’m aware of everything going on in the world, hot topics of discussion like the “student loan debt crisis,” complaints about the impracticality of the “minimum wage,”…

But I am…

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Last week, my husband I went out of town for a friend’s wedding.

We were in the mountains in Colorado, surrounded by insanely gorgeous scenery, fresh air, and quirky, small-town charm.

The entire trip was stunning overall. It was a big 3-day weekend with events each day, and the actual…

It might not be any more from a financial perspective.

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Doctor and lawyer — quite possibly the 2 most widely-respected and seemingly prestigious occupations there are.

When you hear that someone is a doctor or lawyer, a few immediate assumptions come to mind:

  1. They must be super smart
  2. They must have a lot of money

And those assumptions might very…

But I guess no one wants to hear it.

Photo by Janine Meuche on Unsplash

Calling someone “lucky” may sound like a positive statement. But in many contexts, I’ve actually found it to be quite rude.

I’ll explain.

I see a lot of language surrounding people’s success being labeled as “lucky” — when in many circumstances, luck may have virtually nothing to do with it.

I think about this far too often.

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Cobalt and Shinobi, or our two “furry sons” as my husband and I like to call them, are pretty much the center of our universe. If you’re a dog owner, you probably understand.

It’s strange to admit that I feel closer to my dogs than I do most humans —…

Tabitha Diaz

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